Visual Art by Ruth Poniarski

Ruth Poniarski (she/her) likes to draw from art history, culture, philosophy, literature, myths, and infuse these facets of inspiration into her narratives, cultivating an innovative reflection.

Ruth says, “I strive to represent and communicate to the viewer an imaginative rendition of our state of being (histor,,memory, dreams, and love) and to provide many avenues of interpretation through my lens as an artist. On occasion, I will place an iconic figure from a Rodin sculpture or a Rembrandt painting into my allegories importing the past to a contemporary expression, thus inspiring one’s perspective amid an exploration and experience of life’s journey and sensuous moments.”

Ruth says, “My formal education is in architecture as I earned a professional degree from Pratt Institute in 1982. I was employed in the field for  several years before I turned to painting full time in 1988. My paintings have been exhibited in many venues across America including: Butler Institute of American Art, Ohio, Holter Museum, Montana, Rutgers University, New Jersey, Port Washington Library, New York, Jadite Gallery, Manhattan, and so forth. Please visit website for more info.”