Linda Malnack | poetry | I love all this like you know there’s a sun

I love all this like you know there’s a sun

Like you know there’s a pool of blood
among the flowers that the flowers drink from.

I love the man in the midst of the flowers.

And I love him who turns his back on them.

I love all this like the man beyond the blood-
worthy garden contains the garden.

And leans with all his inner lilies toward the sun.

Beeper Peddle is a writer and healer living on the East Coast. She lives with her partner and their beloved soul puppy. Beeper writes about sorrows, lies, and deep loves. When you read her work, you will dip down into her heart and end up in all manner of body parts. Should you find yourself reflected in these words, it is merely coincidence; however, it does not surprise her you share the same heart. Find her at and @beeperpeddle on Twitter and Instagram

Linda Malnack is the author of two chapbooks, 21 Boxes (dancing girl press) and Bone Beads (Paper Boat Press). Her poetry has recently appeared in Prairie SchoonerCloudbankThe Ilanot ReviewFairy Tale ReviewCamas Magazine, and elsewhere. Linda is an Assistant Poetry Editor for Crab Creek Review..