An interview with Natalie Marino about her forthcoming chapbook, Under Memories of Stars

Hi Natalie! We're incredibly excited to hear about your upcoming chapbook, Under Memories of Stars, available June 16, 2023 from Finishing Line Press.

Are these poems connected narratively, thematically, or in some other way? How do you envision this selection of poems as a complete entity?
The word star appears in each one of the short lyrical poems that make up this collection. As a whole, they represent the speaker's desire to hold onto memories despite knowing that she can’t because both the memories and her perspective on them are constantly changing.

Are there one or two poems that form the backbone of this collection? What makes these essential to the chapbook?
One poem that can be seen as the backbone of this collection is the final poem of the
collection, “Ripe Oranges,” as it represents the speaker’s acceptance that all experiences are transient,
that all that lives will eventually die.

Set the scene for us: we're sitting down to read your chapbook. Should we be spraying on sunscreen and laying back in a hammock? Pouring a glass of wine in front of a fire? In a dusty, ink-scented back room in a library? What's the ~vibe~?
I would say that the theme of many of the poems in this collection is that of the irony of nostalgia; that is, the speaker in each of the poems has a certain wistfulness for the past, but is also aware that the reality of memory is more complicated than that.

Getting away from the chapbook a little, tell us some more about yourself: do you consider yourself solely or primarily a poet? Do you work in other genres? What about poetry sets it apart from other genres, for you specifically?
I am primarily a poet, but I have also published creative nonfiction. The Greek definition of poem is “something made,” and I think that poetry is the genre I most enjoy writing because I love creating art that attempts to do something new with language.

What was your first encounter with poetry that really made you realize you wanted to write poetry? Or was it something other than poetry that set you down this path?
Ever since I first read Sylvia Plath as an English major in college, I have been mesmerized by her work. She continues to be one of my favorite poets. I really admire her poetry’s use of distilled language and innovative metaphor.

What else do you have in the works right now? Any other projects on the horizon that we can anticipate?
I am currently looking for a publisher for my second chapbook that alludes to several classic novels and plays from the 20th Century to discuss our country’s collective need for a new American Dream.

Where can we find more work from you? Can we follow your socials or check out your website?
You can find many of my published poems on my website: You can find me on
Instagram @natalie_marino.

Give us the details of the chapbook! Where can we order/preorder a copy, and when is publication day?
The publication day of my chapbook Under Memories of Stars is June 16, 2023. It can now be ordered
through Finishing Line Press here.


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